Food and Nutrition


At A Bright Start Nursery Rumney, we believe that good nutrition is essential in young children if they are to grow and develop. As childcare carers not only do we need to provide children with meals, snacks and drinks to meet their nutritional requirements, but also to encourage good food habits. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are offered and midmorning and afternoon snacks are provided.

Children are encouraged to eat foods from each of the four main food groups at every meal and at snack times.


  • Fruit and vegetables



  • Meat, fish and alternatives



  • Dairy foods



  • Bread, cereals and potatoes



Food, including snacks, offered to children helps to establish healthy habits. Children’s diets are low in salt and sugar. Fresh drinking water is regularly offered to children. Menus are planned in advance and displayed for parents. Children are encouraged to eat a variety of foods from the start of weaning onto the nursery menu. We aim to be prepared to cater for a variety of different families with different cultural and religious backgrounds and children with food allergies and intolerances, which we take into account when preparing meals.

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